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Eyelash and Eyebrow tinting creates more definition for the face, enhancing your natural features. It is a fantastic treatment to have before you go on holiday and for those who cannot wear mascara as your lashes immediately look longer and thicker!

Using specially formulated and safe permanent tints, we are able to create a natural look to your lashes and brows. A range of colours and shades are available to cater for all skin and hair types.

The Eyelash Tint
Great for those with lighter colour lashes or brows. This is for anyone looking for a thicker ‘mascara’ look (without having to wear mascara). A lash tint will make your lashes appear darker, thicker and longer.
The Brow Tint
This is a treatment that takes up to 15 minutes and helps adds colour to give you a thicker look and a more youthful appearance without having to apply daily makeup
The Brow Lift
Known as Brow Architecture or Brow Lamination. This is a keratin infused treatment that tames and shapes unruly brows. It strengthens each brow hair adding thickness, volume, texture and colour for a fuller and more voluminous look. A brow lift will give you a more youthful appearance without having to apply daily makeup.
Henna Brows
This treatment is similar to tint but has a larger range of colours and can create a more precise look. This treatment takes around 45 minutes and lasts 6 weeks on the skin and 3 weeks on the eyebrow hair. When booking this treatment you also receive free mapping and consultation.
The Lash Lift (without tint)
Provides a long-lasting curl to naturally straight lashes. A lash lift opens up your eyes and is great for those with already thick full lashes who want to an enhancement
The Lash Lift And Tint
A combination of the lift and tint with a volumizing and nourishing formula for fullness and added body. A lash lift and tint shapes’ and turns the lashes upward to give them length, height and volume and the appearance of having longer, darker and thicker lashes.
Brow and Lash Beauty Package
Eyebrow shape, tint and lash tint
The Brow Shape
This technique rebalances the eyebrows giving shape and body. This includes a short consultation and brow shape using a combination of wax, thread or tweezer with one of our amazing brow artists

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The Brow Tint

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