Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Our technicians are true artists’ and their work is simply amazing. With over 16 years’ experience. With the support of our sister company Lashologist UK set up in 2012 we pay particular attention to health and safety with eyelash extensions and use the latest tools and techniques to give you the ultimate treatment. Choose from ‘Classic’, ‘Hybrid’ or Russian Volume application options, available in both ‘Natural’ and ‘Glamour’ looks. We also offer lash lifts and tints to provide a lasting curl with a lift. This will add a curl, colour, length and lift giving body and volume to your natural lashes with a nourishing treatment. Book Now!

Patch Test required 24 hours prior to treatment.


The Classic Set
A single faux premium lash is applied to each of your natural lashes. They are soft to the touch. Lightweight on your eyes and perfectly natural looking.
The Hybrid Set
We use a perfect 50/50 blend of our classic brand lashes and our volume fans. The Hybrid set combines the classic and volume application techniques. The result is a fuller and fluffier textured look.
The Russian Volume Set
Multiple lighter thinner lash extensions are expertly fanned, staggered and stacked onto each natural lash which allows the technician to add significant volume. The volume lash set offers clients the highest level of density and thickness for maximum glamour.
Eyelash Extensions Infill
£17 per half hour
Russian Volume Infill
£20 per half hour


If you want the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes without the need to reapply every day, this is the treatment for you. The colour, thickness, length and curl of your lashes may be individualised. Your lashes will be sure to stand out each day without the need for mascara or eyelash curlers, and you can still apply make-up to them if you would like a more dramatic look for the evening. You can go about your daily activities as normal, with these semi-permanent eyelashes waterproof even with showering and swimming.

Russian volume eyelash extensions are made from mink-like or silk and are the best choice for those who want an all-round fuller look to their lashes. On the other hand, the classic semi-permanent eyelash extensions are the ideal choice if you already have full lashes and want to increase the length, with each lash extension glued to each individual eyelash.

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a great choice if you’re looking for a halfway between classic and Russian lash extensions, as well if you have naturally fine or sparse lashes. These can help to make the lash line look fuller, thicker and make the lashes look a little more dramatic, without being as dramatic as a Russian set.

Whether you’re looking for a Russian volume set, a semi-permanent lash extension or a hybrid lash treatment in London or Bristol, simply get in touch to find out more about how you can get the lashes of your dreams.

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The Russian Volume Set

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