Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Beautiful eyes made easy with a natural look. This technique has been created to make your eyes look bigger, lashes thicker and to emphasise the colour of your eyes.

This treatment is ideal for people with small eyes or people that are looking for more definition and shape.

Top & Bottom£350

If you like to wear eyeliner, at Chrissy Henderson, we know how you may have struggled with getting it to be perfect, with it being all too easy to get the line of symmetry wrong, or making your line too thick or too thin, or perhaps being too far from the edge of your eyelid. Despite this perhaps being a daily routine, smudges and mistakes can be a source of frustration when getting ready for the day ahead.

With permanent eyeliner, you can forget about all of this. A permanent eyeliner tattoo will give you a perfectly symmetrical look that stands the test of time. Say goodbye to reapplying the eyeliner every day as a permanent tattoo can last up to 18 months, at which point it’s likely to require the odd touch up, but can go on for years.

Permanent eyeliner can enhance your eyes, giving you the illusion of bigger eyes, as well as thicker lashes, making the colour of your iris pop. Whether you have small eyes that you want to make look bigger, or you simply want a more defined look and shape to your eyes, at Chrissy Henderson, we can offer our semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo service in both London and Bristol at our Lash-Is Lash and Brow Clinic.

You can opt for the top lid only for £250, often a popular choice for a cat-eye flick. Alliteratively, the bottom lid can offer a subtler technique to bring out your eyes. If you opt for both, you make an overall saving of £150 as it would only cost you £350. To find out more about our permanent eyeliner tattoos, or for more information about any of our other services, feel free to get in touch today and we will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.

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Semi Permanent Top Eyeliner

From: £250.00

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