Eyebrow Map & Wax
Leg Wax (Half)
Leg Wax (Full)
Bikini Wax
Underarm Wax
Forearm Wax

Wait 4 to 6 weeks after 1st visit to salon

Waxing will allow your skin to be silky smooth from top to toe using precise and consistent techniques.  We aim to make your treatment quick and comfortable. Waxing will remove the hair form the root which means the smooth results of a professional wax can last up to a month.  This treatment is for both men and women.

The first 24 hours after waxing

  • Avoid bathing or hot showers
  • Avoid direct sunlight or sunbathing
  • Avoid saunas or steam baths
  • Don’t swim
  • Don’t wear tight or non breathing clothes to avoid infection, waxed skin needs air
  • Avoid perfumed products on the waxed skin
Before waxing do not
  • Drink coffee or alcohol
  • Go tanning
  • Go Swimming
  • Work out
  • Wear tight clothes
  • Shave

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Eyebrow Map & Wax


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